June 22, 2011

Neighbors, old and new

neighbors old
I just returned from a funeral that left me grateful and awe-struck by a life well-lived. I feel blessed because I was privileged to know this person who touched Erik life -- and thus, mine too.

Bonnie Ewing passed away last Sunday after a difficult bout with cancer.  She and her husband, Mort, were Erik's neighbors during the time he lived in the condo near the hospital and that's how we came to meet them.

I knew from the few times I was around her that Bonnie was a kind, fun, friendly woman. After hearing her son and her pastor speak of her today I learned she was also a serving, caring, encouraging, welcoming, tough, and devoted woman.

What an example she is to me. She loved well right up to the end of her 85 years.

When Erik lived next door to her she helped him when he needed it. I'm sure she came to his rescue in more ways than we know.  Sometimes Erik's garage door wouldn't get closed and Bonnie would watch out for that. Whenever Erik couldn't unlock his front door he'd head over to Bonnie's and call dad or me. When Erik visits this area he always wanted to stop by their house and say Hi -- and Bonnie and Mort were always so happy to see him. 

You know how when we move somewhere we wonder: who will we meet in this new place? We didn't know sweet Bonnie would be next door when Mom bought the condo for Erik. It was one of those delightful blessings.  Proverbs 31 was read at Bonnie's funeral.  One verse stuck out to me:  She opens her hand to the poor, yes she reaches out her filled hands to the needy. v.20

neighbors new
Two weeks ago our family moved into a new house. I've not written in quite a while because the move was so much work.  And ugh, the Texas heat really wiped us out.   

But then, after a few days of unpacking, I was humbled and struck by God's hand in our move -- our neighbor came over to say hi.  Sitting on our couch were his sons:  identical twin 14 year old boys with Down syndrome.   We didn't know this when we bought this house but our Sovereign God did...and I'm so amazed at His leading. I hope so much that they will be my friends and I can be theirs...and that one day Erik can meet them!!!