May 17, 2012

Tricky Ricky

Once upon a time there was Erik and his sister Liz and they both wore blue shirts.  Erik's glasses were not fitting him well so Liz took him to a vision center to see what could be done.  After that they went to a hardware store so that a copy of Erik's key could be made. An exact copy for Liz.  After that they were hungry, especially Erik.  Did you know that Erik loves food and loves to eat?   They went to Subway.   Erik got chips, roast beef sandwich, soda and little cookie.  As they sat down Liz's sandwich fell onto the floor of the restaurant and she had to go get another one.  When she returned she noticed Erik's mouth was full of chocolate and his fingers too.  He had eaten his little cookie right away before his other food.  Can you believe that?  I can because I was there.    

Well, the two of them returned to Erik's room and Liz put on Erik's cap because it matched her shirt so well.

Then Erik decided to tell you very seriously that ... if you don't watch it, he will tickle you.

or take his cap and put it on his own head.

 "yep, you better watch out.  I'm talking to YOU."  Doesn't he look like he means business?

"Yes, and here's my soda.  My cold, delicious Diet Coke.   I am very attached to it."

Then, you'll never believe what happened.  Erik started to tickle Liz behind her back. Sneaky-like.

"Hey!  Who did that?  Was it YOU?  Was it you, Erik?"

He tickled her again!   She said, "There's a big bug on me!"

 "Did you see it?  It was YOU!  Ok, you are being a stinker again."

 Erik would not admit to anything.  He just tried to tickle her again.  And here is the proof.

He tried to get his hand away before she saw him but she knew it was him.  The End.
Moral of the story:  He who remains silent lives on to tease another day.

May 8, 2012

Wanted: a new home for some nice pajamas.

How doth Erik humor me?  Let me count the ways.

This morning I walked up to Erik's room hoping and praying the door would be unlocked.  If it's locked I'm in a pickle because he has the only key and he guards it like it's the key of power.  So if he won't respond to my knocking and calling out "Er--ik", I have to go all the way to the front desk and borrow their key, go all the way back to his room, unlock the door and walk in -- usually finding him sitting there watching tv like he hasn't a care in the world.   "Erik, didn't you hear me knocking??? He looks at me as if to say, "what is the matter with you?"  Today the door was open (aha) and he was standing in the doorway with a small photo album, open to a picture of him getting ready to eat a hamburger.  I bet he was waiting for the housekeeper vacuuming down the hall to get to his room so he could show it to her.  ("Here, look at me and this juicy hamburger!")

Erik greeted me, big smile and sweetness.  He hugged me and showed me over to a chair.  First things first, he pointed to his refrigerator and looked at me.  "No, I didn't bring any cokes with me this time.  But next time, I will."

He was dressed in his favorite striped shirt and black wind pants.  But, wait.  His wind pants were on inside out.  That's a new one.  He's had them on backwards before but not inside out.  I just have to laugh.

What have I learned the past few weeks about Erik?  He needs some intervention.  He is turning into a hoarder.   Sweet and Low packets from the dining room.   He's beamed with delight when he opened his 2 drawers and shows me ALL the little pink packets.  Then he pulled out 3 MORE from his pocket.  I guess there may one day be a sweet and low shortage and he will be in business.   How am I going to get those out of his room and return them to the kitchen?  That remains to be seen.

You know that Erik is very picky about pajamas.   If not, read this post and you'll learn just how much he loves certain blue, striped pajamas.  Those "certain pj's" are so past their prime, I had to try again to get him to upgrade.  So I bought new blue, striped ones at Macy's and again, altered them and took them to Erik.   He didn't look very excited.  (of course) but I left them and hoped hoped hoped he'd use them.   Well, the next few times I went to his room they were nowhere to be seen.  I looked and looked but ... nowhere.  Earlier this week I decided to look again.  I was staring at the bed and it hit me...he probably stuffed them underneath!  Yes, HE DID. oh my goodness.  I took them out and showed them to him, "Erik, LOOK, your new pajamas!!"  I hugged them and told him how wonderful they were.  (yes, I hugged them)  Did Erik smile and look happy?  He just stared at me.  not excited.   I left them on his bed and hoped again he would wear them but, no.  I think he threw them away.  (of course) One of the caregivers found them. Sigh...what am I going to do??  His old ones are in my laundry room and I think I need too take them back to him.  He'll probably hug THEM.

Erik and I have a little game going on.   He (secretly) pokes my arm or my head and I act like I'm scared, shocked, upset, or totally surprised.  Then he bursts into laughter.    The more I ham it up the harder he laughs. Well, lately when he pokes me I look at him with a shocked expression and tell him "there's a BUG on me!" He loves that. Or, I'll say a word he made up when he was young; I'll say "I-chi-wa-wa!!!"  He just loves that too.  Don't know what it means but if it gets him to laugh then I'll say it with feeling.  Because seeing Erik laugh like that is the best thing ever.

like the new look of the blog?  I was drawn to the rough, wooden background design.  We're from Texas and we're rough and tough around these parts.  ;)