December 4, 2012

Sweet Brother of Mine.

Yesterday while Christmas shopping I received a phone call from the head nurse at Erik's facility.  She told me Erik's weight is remaining a concern despite recent efforts to boost it.  Not good.  I stopped by to see Erik on my way home.  (Earlier that morning when I saw him he was sacked out in bed, sleeping in his crazy way: one eye halfway open.)   This time he was in the dining room waiting for dinner and brightened up when he saw me.  Did he recognize me?  His mouth looked dry so I got him some juice, which he downed.
The head nurse walked by and we were able to talk.  She decided to consult with his doctor, who happened to be nearby, about Erik's weight.   Before that, she brought a magic cup and an Ensure shake.  Erik promptly downed those, too.  I fetched another Ensure and down it went as well.  This was good! Erik was on a roll, 800 calories.

Then 2 medical technicians appeared to take Erik to his room.  They were sent to insert an IV.  So we went.  I stayed to help Erik "be brave."  But it was really me who needed courage, don't like IV's.  After 2 tries they got it. Erik is such a champ, I can't even begin to tell you. Well, after that, a sweet nurse, Joy, came in to take blood.  More poking with needles. Erik knows Joy, she's taken his blood before. She told me that whenever she's working with him, he holds her hand as she's taking his sample. And he did last night too. So sweet.

after all the tests were done.
Erik was remaining alert and smiling more.  I loved it.  I asked that his dinner be brought into his room because he never got his tray in the dining room.  It came and I helped him eat a bit.  We listened to some Glen Campbell and Kenny Rogers.  I was hoping it would trigger some memories in him of the songs he loved to sing.  Sometime during that time, Erik reached out to take my hand and hold it.  He hasn't done that in a long time either.  I was just thanking the Lord for His goodness.

I decided to try a picture of the 2 of us and asked Erik to smile and he did!

So, Erik's going to receive some fluids and we'll see how he's doing.   He's getting such good care and seems - at least lately - to not be in as much pain. I'm hoping today he'll eat like a little pig.  
:)  Blessings to you from Erik and me.

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