March 5, 2013

Hi again! Epilogue #1

Hi again!
I received this facebook message from a friend a couple of weeks ago. She has a sweet teenage son with downs.

Hey Liz! I haven't seen many posts from you. Just wondering how you're doing and dealing with Erik being gone. Still praying for you! I don't know if I told you or not, but his funeral was so great. I've never laughed so much at a funeral!

I responded:
Your note touched me so much--that you'd write to check on me. Thank you.
I am doing fine. Of course experiencing feelings of missing Erik, wishing I could see him. But immediately find comfort in knowing where he is. But doing fine. I'm new to this kind of grieving, and assume it will take time. I'm still tying up loose ends with his medical bills and I have lots of his things to go through in the garage when the weather gets warmer.
I've been wondering what to do with his blog now. Mike suggested I write one more post, like an "epilogue". I'm open to that idea but just haven't acutally done it. I think I'm sad to end the blog.
I love what you said about his funeral. I agree, the laughter we shared that day was such a dear, sweet blessing to all our family. I loved laughing about him and the thing is -- there were so many more stories we could have shared that would have lead to more laughter. Wasn't it wonderful to laugh at a funeral?
How's C doing?  Hug him tight for me.

She wrote back:
I think a final post would be great. I still think about Erik and you a lot. We are doing okay. C is doing great. Every kid in his high school got new ipads. He loves taking pictures and videos of himself on it. I'm planning on downloading some apps that will help him. A friend of mine who works for the Bureau of Education and Research sent me a thick book full of apps for special needs kids. C just got done with basketball and is going to try soccer for the first time. He's playing for a team in Coppell. He's gone to one practice and their first game is Saturday! His school's "Grand Ball" is coming up in March, which is like a special needs prom. He is so excited for that. He dances all night. I'm sure I'll be posting some pictures from that. Take care!

So, encouraged by her and others, I'm back.  Even though I haven't written here since December, this place was never far from my mind.  I just needed time and space to experience "life now".  

And I didn't really know what to say.  
And I am sad to end this blog.

After reflecting, I decided - I will write more.  Just a bit.  I have more to say about individuals who are like Erik and my friend's son.  And how God uses them so beautifully.  
So, ok.  This can be Part 1 of The Epilogue.  :)  Thank you for reading.   Love to you all.

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  1. Glad we get to hear more from you... And Erik too.